Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Royal Treatment

Southern hospitality? Maybe I'm just keeping the right company here in Dallas. Our evening at Charlie Palmer's could not have been nicer. Upon arrival I scurried off to the restroom (you know I love a nice restroom!) I got back to our spot at the bar to find a coup of sparkling rosé waiting for me and Cassie and Rob enjoying their glasses. Apparently we were in sound hands with Gerald Cook, the fabulous sommelier. He was more than happy to show me his digital wine list with amazing search capabilities (a bit of a Kindle situation).

The wine selection at this restaurant is vast and to be able to find a wine based on country, region, varietal, price, food pairing and more was kinda next level. We fell in love with a 2007 Robert Foley Charbono, of which Gerald was eager to share.

It tasted even more divine with the salumi plate, salmon tartare and beet medallions we noshed on. The chilled sparkling red that followed was just the thing to wash down our peanut butter chocolate terrine. When in Texas!

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  1. I'm blown away now that I've looked at how affordable (relative to the amazing taste) the Charbono is via retail.

    I'm adding it to my list of wines to buy for a more special occasion.