Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wine Bible Disclosed

I realize now I should probably share my Wine Bible with the rest of you, and honestly, Wine Trails of Oregon becomes more biblical in my world by the day.

I was perusing Powell's wine section earlier this summer and found 3 used books to help with my R & D. Before I went to check out I headed up to the travel section, where I inevitably wander on every trip to Powell's. It was here I saw Wine Trails of Oregon, it was on the "staff recommended" shelf. I had told myself used books only for this project, but when I saw this book-already substantiated by a discerning staff, I couldn't afford NOT to buy it. Simply put, Steve Roberts took on the daunting task of visiting all 200 open to the public wineries in Oregon and then neatly organized his journey in an easy to use, extremely comprehensive guidebook. Ask anyone who has sat shotgun with me to wine country, this book is essential. Check it.

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