Friday, October 2, 2009

Oregon A Taste of Wine

I took an internet marketing class yesterday and as we went around the room introducing ourselves, I realized I knew one of the other students. When Janis started talking about his business as a world renowned photographer with clients like National Geographic under his belt, I was brought back to my babysitting days in Lake Oswego. I had watched this guys 2 boys a time or two. Well, fast forward a good 20 years. Janis's most recent project ironically is a beautiful book on Oregon Wine Country! Needless to say I ran straight to Powell's after class. I can honestly endorse this book, not only as a gorgeous lens into the vast beauty of wine country, but also a very informative book, as it contains interviews with many of the pioneers and key figures in the world of Oregon wine as it stands today. Oregon A Taste of Wine would make a great gift or, if you're like me, a great addition to an ever-growing library of books capturing the beauty of Oregon's Wine Country.

Check it. Janis Miglavs, Oregon A Taste of Wine

As an aside, you may have noticed that there is no wine country visit on the agenda this week. In preparation for the Portland marathon Sunday, I am abstaining from wine this week. This might actually trump the training!

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  1. Best of luck in your first marathon. You go girl.