Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain won't stop us

and it didn't yesterday. After a warm and sunny 11 mile run we made it home just in time-the rain came with a vengeance. Hervé and I dashed into the car and we were off. First stop was Hawks View Cellars. You might remember HVC from the photos I featured on an earlier post. We were excited to check out the Harvest open house, and catch some of the action. Sipping on some delicious Pinot Gris we got to check out the 2009 grapes doing their thing.

Can you tell which batch is Pinot Noir and which is Syrah?
Everyone is very excited about the 2009 harvest and from the sounds of it, the Pinot is going to be BIG. Hervé fell in love with 2008 PN of which he snagged a taste. I'm pretty sure we'll be back to pick up a bottle or 2 of this come spring.

Next stop? Winderlea in Dundee. I have been really curious about Winderlea, as several wineries have recommended swinging by. I was also impressed with the fact that the $10 tasting fee here is donated to Salud!, an organization dedicated to providing education and healthcare for vineyard workers and their families-very cool. The winery sits on a gorgeous piece of property with sloping hills and a terrific view. The tasting room was surely designed to highlight the surroundings, it is very modern and minimal, letting the view take center stage. Hervé and I grabbed our wine glasses and walked outside onto the terrace, enjoying a small reprive from the rain-it was lovely.

As a side note: Winderlea definitely wins in my book for best bathroom in wine country. Check it.

I was hoping we'd have a chance to hit Thistle this trip, but we were starving and it was only 3:30, Thistle doesn't open til 5. So it was back to Dundee Bistro. No complaints from this camp.

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