Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last summer was Rosé, this summer is Spandex

Forgive me!!!! I have been such a neglectful blogger. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Just last year I was starting this blog and cruising around the Willamette Valley discovering new wineries and making friends. I had loyal co-pilots and we revelled in the beauty of not only the amazing landscape but also in what filled our glasses. This summer through many a circumstance, has me far away from wine country and much closer to downward dogs and plies. The wellness part of my life is in high gear and I am loving every minute. NOT to imply I am not enjoying a glass of wine or fact these days, I am enjoying it the way most people do, just drinking what is poured without much contemplation. Though my sound experience over the last year has lead me to navigate a wine menu astutely and this summer has been ripe with some lovely New Zealand whites and Oregon Rosés. Not to mention a revived love affair with tequila...

I promise to be back with tales from the vines...til then keep your glasses full!