Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I stumbled upon this video while perusing the newly re-launched My buddy Jim Gullo is the mastermind behind the site and it is really great. Check it out for all things Oregon Wine.

I thought this video was pretty entertaining. NY Hipsters conspire to open a winery in Walla Walla.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bruce said it

I am copying and pasting the latest email from Bruce over at Vino's in Sellwood. His line-up this past friday was fantastic (sorry to post this too late) and he is spot on regarding the need for Oregon wineries to get with the pricing program. Enjoy!

I don't want to beat a dead horse about how the Oregon wine industry seems to have been hit right between the eyes by the current economic conditions. Better to just wipe that smug I've-been-telling-you-so smile off my face and simply pour some wine for you this Friday that either have always been a reasonable deal, or have recently been dropped in price to where they can be called reasonable. The silver lining for the deserving consumer is the wide range of vintages available since everyone has put over-priced Oregon pinots on "ignore" for the past 18 months. We'll be showing off a range of 2006, 2007, and 2008 pinots. Oh, and don't believe everything you may have heard about the '07 pinots. There are some absolutely delicious, classic pinots from that year that are just now starting to show their stuff. You'll see what I mean tomorrow. The following are all bottles that would consider outstanding values. I'm particularly enamored right now by the #5 wine, the '07 Appolloni "Estate" which was a revelation when I retasted it a couple of weeks ago. This is local juice that I have no problem, getting with, so make your plans to check these out....
* 2006 CASH FLOW WINES Pinot Noir "Willamette Valley"
* 2008 BROOKS WINE Pinot Noir "Runaway Red"
* 2008 MCKINLAY VINEYARDS Pinot noir "Willamette Valley"
* 2007 LEMELSON VINEYARDS Pinot Noir "Six Vineyards"...ever seen a Lemelson pinot under $35 a pop? Neither had I. Then suddenly this mysterious blend appears. Me thinks there is some re-labeled unsold single vineyard '07 pinots enclosed within!
* 2007 APPOLLONI VINEYARDS Pinot Noir "Estate"...was $28, now $21. 'Nuff said!
Then of course there is more noir worth having....
* 2007 CROWLEY WINES Pinot Noir "Entre Nous"...was $27, still $27 and TOTALLY worth every penny!
* 2007 WESTREY WINE COMPANY Pinot Noir "Abbey Ridge"...fabulous pinot from one of Oregon's best...maybe the best...vineyards. Was $35.95, now $29.95!
* 2007 GROCHAU CELLARS Pinot Noir "Cuvée des Amis" of my favorite wines of the vintage. Beautiful pinot, a true classic. Was $36.95, now $30.95!

That should give you something to get excited by this weekend. Take a break from all the fine weather ahead (and no, we won't have the backyard open. It takes a few more nice days to dry everything out) and drink locally and maybe pick up a bottle or two to go with all the produce you'll get at the opening of the PDX Farmer's Market this Saturday. The cost for our pinot fest is just $10 for the first five, with a nominal charge for your bonus pleasure. All are welcome, and you can drop in anytime between 4:30-8:00!

We'll be slurping plenty of VINO E-Specials this Saturday at VINO during our FREE tasting from 11-6. It's time to put my words to the test (I'm not worried, BTW) with the following VINO bargains...
* 2007 CORVIDAE WINE CO. Cab-Merlot-Syrah "Rook"
* 2006 SALADINI PILASTRI Rosso Piceno 'Montetinello"
* 2008 VENTA MORALES Tempranillo
* 2009 DOMAINE SORIN Rosé de Provence "Terra Amata"


Bruce Bauer
1226 SE Lexington
Portland, Or 97202
ph: 503.235.8545
twitter: follow at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trail Blazin'!

I am really excited to share what is sure to be a great event. The North Willamette Wine Trail, happening April 10-11 is the perfect way to spend a Spring weekend! Some of my favorite wineries, many of which have been featured on the blog are participating. Check out the website for all the details.

And, because I love my readers so much, I am offering you a chance to win 2 commemorative wine glasses from the event.

All you need to do is send me a note or post a comment on why you could use two new glasses. I like fun stories, so get creative!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Saturday goes down in the books. Needless to say, I have enjoyed many afternoons exploring wine country, not just in Oregon, but all over the globe. That being said, Saturday had everything going for it. The downpour group of 12 met at Lenné for the Red and Black seminar. With temperature hovering 65 degrees, sitting out on the veranda overlooking the hills of Yamhill County-a glass of wine is all one would need to feel like they had died and gone to Provence? Tuscany? It was breathtaking.

We sat around tables with 8 glasses of Pinots from either the Yamhill area or Dundee Hills. Steve explained the difference in the terrior(soil) and how it affects the wine. After learning the attributes of each, we sampled the wines, choosing which region we thought they came from. It was fun and pretty interesting too. I think I can speak for my group in saying we all learned something that if nothing else, will serve us well as cocktail party conversation..."did you know the best Pinot grapes come from the most unhealthy of soils?" Impressive, no?!

After we learned what bottles were hiding in the paper bags and where they came from, (I think we all did quite well!) it was time for lunch. Hervé had the great idea of heading to Carlton where we could go to Cana's Feast winery and hopefully get some food and sit outside? Worth a shot. I realize now that it may have helped that our little caravan included someone who undoubtedly is mistaken for a Blazer at least once a day. The place was packed and interestingly enough, no one was sitting outside. It only took a quick ask and the help was setting up a large table for us, where we were able to bask in the glorious sunshine, and look out at the valley. Nice. The vibrant olive oil and focaccia tasted great with the Bricco Table Red and Barbera.

Lunch was ordered and if I had to guess, we stayed outside lingering over food and wine for well beyond 2 hours. I have got to give props to Cana's Feast, and the adjoining Cucina restaurant. It. Was. Perfect.

Till next time!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you had told me....

If you had told me that I would be heading to wine country not once, but twice in 2 months time, yoga mat in hand, I would have given you a puzzled/intrigued look. Well, in fact it has been twice now that I have practiced Vino & Vinyasa and I am happy to report I am improving on both fronts.

Cassie, Andrea, Meghan, Barre and I headed back to Dobbes Family Estate for another fun filled Saturday of downdog and wine pairing. After lots of nice stretching and posing in the barrel room we enjoyed some Wine by Joe as well as a few from the Dobbes Family Estate label (including a Port styled wine that Cassie loved).

Fortified and adventurous we made our way to Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg. A gorgeous day only enhances the beautiful setting at Adelsheim. We sipped some nice Pinots and enjoyed the tasting room and outdoor setting. David Adelsheim is a true pioneer in the world of Oregon wine and it is really nice to see all of his hard work and dedication celebrated at this awesome vineyard.

Next stop: Soléna & Grand Cru Estate. I first laid eyes on this magnificent winery a few weekends ago on my way to Lenné. Sitting on a rolling hilltop, Soléna is a sight one cannot miss. The architecture of the tasting room is esoteric Oregon. Lots of mixed materials make this large operation stand out as something quintessential northwest.

We walked into the tasting room with wide eyes and ponied up to the bar to sample some of this noteworthy wine for ourselves. I have enjoyed Soléna's Pinots at a few restaurants around town...and the fact that the winemaker is a true Frenchman has kept me curious about the evolution of the winery. Lots of nice Pinots were tasted and we were more than grateful for the chili chocolate that accompanied the Syrah. Nice touch.

I was glad Cassie and Andrea were able to get a taste of what has kept me happily occupied for the past several months. Nothing like a beautiful day in Oregon to make even the most Texan of visitors to think "what if...?"