Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you had told me....

If you had told me that I would be heading to wine country not once, but twice in 2 months time, yoga mat in hand, I would have given you a puzzled/intrigued look. Well, in fact it has been twice now that I have practiced Vino & Vinyasa and I am happy to report I am improving on both fronts.

Cassie, Andrea, Meghan, Barre and I headed back to Dobbes Family Estate for another fun filled Saturday of downdog and wine pairing. After lots of nice stretching and posing in the barrel room we enjoyed some Wine by Joe as well as a few from the Dobbes Family Estate label (including a Port styled wine that Cassie loved).

Fortified and adventurous we made our way to Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg. A gorgeous day only enhances the beautiful setting at Adelsheim. We sipped some nice Pinots and enjoyed the tasting room and outdoor setting. David Adelsheim is a true pioneer in the world of Oregon wine and it is really nice to see all of his hard work and dedication celebrated at this awesome vineyard.

Next stop: Soléna & Grand Cru Estate. I first laid eyes on this magnificent winery a few weekends ago on my way to Lenné. Sitting on a rolling hilltop, Soléna is a sight one cannot miss. The architecture of the tasting room is esoteric Oregon. Lots of mixed materials make this large operation stand out as something quintessential northwest.

We walked into the tasting room with wide eyes and ponied up to the bar to sample some of this noteworthy wine for ourselves. I have enjoyed Soléna's Pinots at a few restaurants around town...and the fact that the winemaker is a true Frenchman has kept me curious about the evolution of the winery. Lots of nice Pinots were tasted and we were more than grateful for the chili chocolate that accompanied the Syrah. Nice touch.

I was glad Cassie and Andrea were able to get a taste of what has kept me happily occupied for the past several months. Nothing like a beautiful day in Oregon to make even the most Texan of visitors to think "what if...?"


  1. Thank you, Amy, for your kind words about Adelsheim Vineyard! We're so pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Please do come back to see us again soon.
    Catherine Douglas
    Marketing & Communications Manager

  2. Thanks Amy! It was great to have you and your friends visit Soléna. We hope to see you again soon.

    Emily Stoller Smith
    Hospitality Director