Tuesday, November 3, 2009

V vs. V

So I did something fun in Dallas which I realize I don't do enough of right here in Oregon-blind taste testing. Texas is producing some noteworthy Viogniers, who knew?! We had a lot of fun trying 2 different producers at different price points. The first hovering around $15 a bottle and the other at $25. I think it is safe to guess these wines attract two different customers based on pricing alone?

The one-nostral method proved worthy and Cassie, Rob and I all ended up preferring the most expensive-go figure (those of you who know Cassie or I should not be surprised). Both wines were delightful with the Brennan showcasing minerals and crisp fruit, while the McPherson embodied more of a lush peach flavor. Cassie and I thought the McP would be a nice substitute to the usual summer rosé. In the end the Brennan was the standout for us and tasted even better with a Julie Child reproduction of garlic soup and scrumptious croutons. The evening was topped off with a read-out-loud on the veranda....

Did I mention how well Dallas treats visitors?


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