Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, I BOUGHT it in Oregon

Lord, am I already veering off track? Regardless, I just have to document how excited I am on my first experience with "wine finds" from Cork wine shop here in Portland. In doing all of my due diligence, I have signed up for every wine email newsletter, e-blast, direct mail piece, you name it from wineries and wine businesses all over the state. Cork sent me an email about a great deal on a limited supply of Boroli Nebbiolo D'Alba for just $21 a bottle. Many consider Nebbiolo the poor man's Barolo, and for that price I would have bought cases if I was fully employed...partially employed maybe. I emailed the store requesting 4 bottles and was told the last 2 bottles have my name on them. I fetched the wine tonight at the Alberta location and talked for a bit with Pat, one of the managers. I must say, this store has a serious selection of small production wines from all over the world. About 15% of the wine inventory is from Oregon.

Speaking of Oregon, it looks like Friday will be another field trip down south. As it stands now, I will hit Maysara Winery, The Eyrie Vineyards and Panther Creek. Harvest is lurking, so who knows what I will witness?! Also, it looks like Meghan booked a job with Nike for the week, so my passenger seat is empty. Any takers?!


  1. I may have to call in sick and be your copilot!

  2. Looking forward to sharing my bottle with friends.