Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you with me??????

I admit to being mildly obsessed with the vast world of blogging. I followed Julie Powell's blog on salon.com back in 2002, when salon was one of very few places to find a "blog". Now Julie Powell is a millionaire with a bestselling book and a movie staring Meryl Streep. My ambitions are much more modest, rest assured.

Through many a circumstance, which I am sure to elaborate on as this progresses, I am in a position (if only temporarily), to do as I please. And as of now, I please wine. Meaning at any given moment, chances are I am thinking about, talking about or drinking wine. More specifically, Oregon wine. My goal as it stands now, is to establish a meaningful marketing program that will incentivize my contemporary set (more on this later) to explore the impressive wine country that just so happens to rest in our own backyard. DOWNpour is a 360 marketing concept that encourages patronage to Oregon wine country year round.

I will put this out there now because it is important. I am in no way an established wine critic. I have no credentials in the world of wine. Sans for the fact that I have done my fair share of tasting in Oregon, Washington, California, New York and France. I am like most urban 30- somethings who list wine as one of life's constant joys, if not necessities. This is not about featuring Wine Spectator's top picks-there is enough of that being done and it is not my interest. DOWNpour is about highlighting the experience that comes with drinking local wine.

Welcome to my journey. It is here that I will document tasting wines from a shortlist of Oregon wineries that I hope to work with. I see this as the perfect way to learn even more about their wine while simultaneously creating a connection between DOWNpour and my soon-to-be partners.

Get thirsty!


  1. I am so with you! You always have your finger on the pulse- I will be your copilot/documentary photographer anytime!