Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amity Vineyards, who else?

It looks like Amity Vineyards is touting a sulfite-free Pinot, the Eco-Pinot Noir. I have known Amity to pride itself on organic methods-but it looks to be one of the few (Cooper Mountain used to market a sulfite-free wine) available. From what I understand, it is impossible for a wine to be "sulfite-free" as sulfites are found in all grapes undergoing fermentation. But I'm not in this for a science degree, although I do believe we will begin to see more and more "no sulfites added" wine popping up in Oregon. Something to definitely be making note of.

Gearing up for tomorrow! It looks as though I may just have more than 1 co-pilot. Get ready for some fun wine tales.

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