Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wine Country-a winter wonderland!

Last Tuesday Hervé, my mom and my brother tagged along as I headed to Dobbes Family Estate to create the promo video for the January DOWNPOUR program. We were just making friends and enjoying some Pinot when the snow started falling and before we knew it, there was serious snow globe action outside! It was so romantic and cozy to be sipping wine while watching it come down. After filming the video (one take was it! Charles is a pro), we decided to go pick up some wine at Maresh Red Barn, where my parents are club members. Apparently their latest acquisitions have been sitting there for ages, and it only made sense to swing by. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived the doors were locked. Bad luck for us, good luck for the people struggling to get up the hill just outside the winery-Hervé and Adam were nice enough to get out and push. We were hungry and decided to try Farm to Fork just down the road. After hearing so many wonderful things, it was an overdue visit. Two words-thumbs up! This restaurant has it all: welcoming ambiance, a delicious seasonal menu AND a roaring fireplace. We enjoyed our food while watching the snow fall, it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The 3+ hour drive home was well worth it. This day goes down in the books!

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