Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas

Ahhhh! Yesterday was just glorious. We could not have asked for better circumstances all around. Jolie and I hit the road a little before 1:00 and were cruisin into the Forest Grove area within what seemed like minutes. The sun was shinning so bright, without a cloud in the sky-I must say, it really didn't feel like Oregon in December. We pulled up to the David Hill Winery tasting room and immediately took in the serene surroundings and homey feel of the property. Before we could even take a look at the tasting menu, we were drawn into the most adorable gift shop-seriously, this gift shop had some of the most unique and nice things-and I'm not talking about kitschy knickknacks. Michele, the tasting room manager got us started with some tasty whites and off we went. Because we were the only people there we had the place to ourselves and Michele was more than happy to give us lots of information on the winery and how she got involved several years back. When we moved onto the reds, I was impressed by how dynamic they were, and how affordable! It is not often you see Oregon Pinots for less than $30 and I was more than happy to take home the 2006 Estate Pinot and a bottle of the Farmhouse Red, a blended table wine for just $10!

We got to talking with Michele about restaurants and I mentioned one of my favorites moments in life is at the end of an evening of great food and drink, when you have a little chocolate dessert, a sip of red wine left in your glass and a decaf espresso, this trio to me is utter bliss. And with this, Michele ran to the back room and appeared with 2 chocolate truffles for Jolie and I to enjoy with the last of our Merlot. It was a lasting memory and sealed my new love for David Hill.

Next on the tour: Elk Cove Vineyards in Gaston. If you are a frequent Oregon red wine drinker, chances are you have tried one of Elk Cove's wines. ECV is one of the top 10 producers of wine in the state. And if you have had their wine, you're in good company, their La Boheme Pinot has been a favorite at the White House! But I must back up. The drive to Elk Cove was gorgeous. The trees lining the road and the entry to this vineyard just screamed "Oregon wine country" to me. Even with the sun shining bright, there was no mistaking, we were in Northwest territory. The long driveway gives patrons time to take in a vast and majestic view. Seriously, on this crisp winterish day the air outside felt so alive and even sparse vines exuded beauty. The tasting room itself has what seems to be a 360 view of the valley and Kari, the lovely tasting room coordinator says she has the best view of anyone she knows. Elk Cove is not joking with its name, promptly mounted above the tasting room bar is this elk head.

I must say, every so often a wine speaks to me, and when this happens, all rational thinking expires and I just MUST own this wine. That happened at Elk Cove. The 2008 Mount Richmond Pinot, even at its young age was something special in my opinion. I am so excited to add it to my collection.

We left Elk Cove just before the sun went down and as we ran to the car to crank the heat, I was just so thankful. Thankful to be able to enjoy such a great day at such nice wineries, with such an awesome friend, in such beautiful country that, at least for the day, felt like it was all ours.


  1. If the day could have been videoed it would make a great tourism ad>>>#1 reason to visit Oregon.

    They wouldn't have needed to hire models either.